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Oops, a little late…

I was so ready for WIP Wednesday and then I totally missed it! Anyways, here is my post:

Quick Sketch Poser

Happy #WIPW! I've been working out some quick poses for my most recent assignment for Wave Magic VR. Again, the demo is out and on Steam for early release, so please go take a look! The way things are... Continue Reading →

The Creatures: #SPS 1/8/17

Hello! Happy #SPS! I posted a group picture of some of the NPCs and enemy creatures I've been working on to my Patreon! You can go find more information about them and my plans to post more by clicking the... Continue Reading →

First WIPW of 2017!

As promised, I'm posting for WIP Wednesday!  Here are some of the things I've been working on for Wave Magic VR. Also, if you have the VR equipment, go check out the Steam early access demo! I'm hoping to get... Continue Reading →

Hello, all! It's been a while. Life got the better of me these past few months with a lot of changes for better or... less so. Good news is I'm planning a WIPW post and getting that all set up!... Continue Reading →

Screenshot Saturday 11/5/16

Things have been crazy on my end, so posts have been few and far between. I finally have something to post for Screenshot Saturday again! This is after some feedback from our art director. I also have a few more... Continue Reading →

Little bomb WIP

Happy #WIPW! More progress on this little guy! #indiedev #gamedev


I have been signed on as an intern for an indie VR game! I'm doing creature concepts and some promotional work! For more information about the game I'm working on, please go see the Wave Magic VR Facebook page! Due... Continue Reading →

Witchtober: Urban Witch

Gerda loves the flashiness of the Big City, whichever one she happens to be in at the time. While she knows how to rock the bright colors and striking designs of the latest in alternative fashions, she also knows how... Continue Reading →

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