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Spider Forest Project

Today, I start working on my Spider Forest project, which can be found on my Concept Art page. When I found the web of a bowl spider on one of my hikes over the summer, it really inspired me. I began creating ideas about the kind of spider that would use such a web (as the owners of these webs were well hidden) as well as a fantasy forest these spiders would live in.

For this project, I am going to challenge myself. I am going to flesh out this concept from thumbnails to a finished set of digitally painted environments using my original ideas. I want to try different styles to find what works best for this idea and improve my digital painting skills. I also want to become better at depicting light, texture, and spacial relationships.

I have a few specific concepts that I want to make.

  • Spider and its bowl web
  • Several trees
  • Several plants, flowers, and parasites
  • One or two fish
  • Flying and ground insects
  • One or two small mammals
  • One or two birds
  • A map of the forest
  • 3 environment concept drawings

I will be updating this particular project weekly, along with regular blog posts. Here is a loose schedule, subject to change in order to meet the primary concepts listed above.



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