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Finally have a Spider

After less than five minutes of looking up spider reference photos, I started getting the impression that I may have chosen a project that involves a lot of jump-scares.

Twenty-four pictures of different kinds of spiders later, I felt I had a good idea of how to connect the legs to the body; this was a surprising hang-up for me. For something people associate with legs, how the legs actually connect with the body and how the joints of the exoskeleton move were not something I had been thinking very hard about before now.

I didn’t anticipate just how long it would take to research, draw, and edit this piece. Figuring out just how long each concept would take was part of why I chose this project, though, so now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to more effectively use my time.

The spider turned out pretty cute, though, for being a spider.


I do think that one of the reasons this piece too longer than I expected was because this is the focal point of the project. This is the spider I’ve been trying to work out into a fleshed out idea for over a month and this is the spider that is at the heart of the project. Due to this heightened importance, I think I psyched myself out and spent more time than I actually needed to in getting it right the first time. Next time, I will try to just get as many ideas down as possible and figure it out from there. I think that will make the next project much less daunting.


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