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Running into Problems

During my last presentation/critique, I found that no one in the class really “got it” in terms of the direction I’m going with my work. Based on what I’ve been presenting since the semester started and the feedback I was given, my concept also isn’t ¬†super memorable as to what I’m trying to accomplish. This was very disheartening.

After consulting with my art/game design friends, though (most of whom “got it” immediately), I figured out that most of this had to do with how I was framing the work. Most of the people in the class are assuming that I’m trying to do something that is extremely realistic and grungy. What I’m actually working toward is highly saturated and a little bit cartoon-ish. Here are a few examples (work belongs to other people; pictures link to sources):

Another issue I ran into is that people didn’t understand my process; probably because I work backwards. I start with assets, fit them into the big picture, then edit. For whatever crazy reason, this works better for me. Not so much for others, I have found out.¬†Painful as it is, I’m chucking my schedule out the window and doing speed paints, per instructor’s request.

Speed painting and I have an almost identical relationship as my cousin and I do. Speed painting mocks me and shows me just how inferior I am and I usually end up crying and avoiding it as much as possible. After years and years of maturing, it’s not as bad, but it still laughs at me when I fail.

Oh, also. Adobe CC kept bugging out and crashing on me, so I kept losing all my work. The files that did save wouldn’t open correctly. This is what I ended up with at the end of all that:


This is a very basic idea of what the area of the forest with the spiders is going to look like. It’s much darker and less saturated than the rest. The spiders don’t take up the whole of the forest, though.


This is a rough idea of a topographical map of the forest as a whole, where the darker greens show forest density, the light green shows more valley/grasslands areas, and the blue is waterways.

I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped due to the mentioned problems and time crunches in other areas, but this is what I have this week.


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