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I spent much more time focusing on my traditional media work this week than my digital media work.

I’ve been practicing drawing crystals. They are some of my favorite assets in videogames and I wanted to get better at designing my own. I have also been working with a few mechanical items.


I spent a good deal of time working in ink and tea wash. This is a galena crystal. It is used in crystal radios to receive radio signals.


This is a close up on a pair of headphones that were commonly used with crystal radios around the 1910s and 1920s.


This is the cat’s whisker detector. It uses a thin piece of wire to transmit the signal received by the galena crystal to the headphones.


This is a simplified diagram of a crystal radio, showing the crystal diode/cat’s whisker detector in the top right, the headphones at the bottom, the ground, the copper coil used to tune the radio, and the antenna.


These are graphs showing an audio-frequency signal, a modulated signal, and a demodulated signal.


This was a study of a quartz crystal where I used different colors for the different faces while examining the detail of the interior structure.


This is a rose quartz point drawn with red ink.


This is the same rose quartz point done in ink wash.

I ran into a crazy amount of technical difficulties that made it so my photos would not load to my computer. It took a while to get all these photos onto my laptop and then to my blog.


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