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Lots of research…

Quick news on my work from last week; I finished the crystal radio project and decided on a layout. For now, this is how it is, until I find the time and resources to put it all in a nice shadowbox.


In looking for more feedback for my work, I’ve begun posting to BehanceArtStation, asking for feedback on my LinkedIn feed, posting more to my Facebook page, more to my Twitter, asked my friends and contacts, and am looking for even more places to find feedback and constructive criticism.

Pozzi told me about deviantART’s forumsartistdaily.comasingularcreation.com’s forums, and cgsociety.org’s forums. I’m going to look more into those next week. I may also post to Polycount’s 2D forum later on.

It took a little while for my post to be admin-approved, but I also posted my spider orthographics to conceptart.org for feedback. The most helpful response I got was this from a user going by “Frozen Ferocity”:

I feel like the form isn’t working because your values don’t work. There isn’t really any volume to your spider. To improve that try adding more variety in your values/add more shading and highlights to the spider.

Also for traditional to digital:

Scroll down to chapter #13, you will find what you’re looking for there.

Reading the critiques on my work was a little bit difficult for some of them. I’m used to face-to-face critiques where you are able to have a discussion. I’m now realizing that people feel much less comfortable being outright rude when they’re talking to you in person. Behind the anonymity of the internet? There is a lot of “your art is bad and you should feel bad” hate going around. There is also a lot of access to the work of others that is so wonderful by comparison that it’s easy to get stuck in the “maybe they’re right” mindset. That was much of my Sunday evening, plus the addition of a person I know telling me flat out to give up.

Then Monday rolled around and I decided that being sad wasn’t productive and I needed to get back to work. Here’s a list of tutorials and resources I found and was shown:

Taking into account what I was reading and watching, I decided to go back to my spider concept and rework it. I figure having a strong creature concept that I actually feel is worth showing trumps my scatter-brained “do all the things” mentality I was going with originally.

I decided to try out Autodesk Sketchbook for the new orthos and I ended up really liking it. It’s faster and more intuitive for me than using Photoshop. I still have things I prefer in Photoshop, but the actual drawing portion was so much easier in Sketchbook.

Here is the front-view silhouette I reworked (this one is going to be for a younger spider, therefore less lop-sided for this initial attempt):


Based on feedback, I decided to focus more on getting the shape right and bringing a more cohesive look to the work (particularly with the legs). I had wanted a very skeletal kind of leg since starting, but I don’t feel I was very successful until this attempt.

My goals for next week are to finish the forest scene, draw the silhouette for the side orthographic, and start working on getting the values down to create a more volumetric-looking spider. I really want to just get these things to “completed to my satisfaction” so I can move on to the next bit of work without distraction.


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