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Busy Week

This week, I focused on getting my work presentable for my Monday morning presentation.

I started work on creating the value structure and features for the newest version of the spider, created a slightly fancier uniform background for the spiders and plant assets that better showcases the silhouettes and colors, and sketched in some of the creatures and ideas for improving upon the environment I was working on.

All of these things can be viewed on Monday’s post: Portfolio Progress.

The rest of the week has been very busy, but taking the time to make these works more presentable, I came to a few realizations and conclusions about how to spend the rest of the semester wrapping up this portion of the project.

First of all, taking the time to make a really clean silhouette allowed me to make vast improvements on the spider concept and really think about exactly how I wanted it to look. This newer version is not nearly as fuzzy, either in the quality of line or the concept as a whole. For that reason, I would like to take the time to quickly go back and clean up the plants that I have made.

Second, I realized that all the plants I made are in very different size formats that don’t necessarily show scale but was used to show more detail. This doesn’t look very professional and makes it difficult to format them all together. When doing the clean-up for the plants, I’m going to design a format with which to show them. The size of the images will all be the same and possibly have a legend in the corner to show scale.

Third, I was reminded to ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B. My tablet broke Sunday night while I was working on all these things. My back-up tablet is also not working. I am currently borrowing a tablet and looking to send mine in for repairs. I was aware of programs crashing, but forgot the possibility that equipment might fail. I didn’t have a plan and it caused more than five hours of wasted time trying to figure out how to keep going without the precision control I needed.

So, that was my week. Also, I’ve updated my ArtStation Page and created a Behance WIP Page with what I’ve done this week and intend to have a traditional media drawing posted early to my Patreon feed for patrons. Hope you make time to go check these things out!


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