QUICK EDIT: I brightened it up just a bit.



Ta-da! I think this one looks so much better. The hair texture was difficult to do over a surface that large, but I think it came out well.


I’m finding that listening to interviews and podcasts by artists has really helped my workflow. It’s been helping me by providing background noise, but it’s less distracting than music. Even saying that, it’s been really informative and educational. I’ve also come across some really interesting ideas, such as some of the ones fromĀ “Interview with Pascal Campion Part 2” with Chris Oatley. One thing that really hit me from this series was the idea that your draftsmanship skills are really secondary to your passions and ideas. If a company wants to have a photo-realistically rendered digital painting, they’ve got people lined up all the way out the door. Your value that sets you apart is in what you’ve driven to work on and your point of view. If you’re passionate about what you’re working on, the beauty and aesthetic will come through because you’ll be excited to work on it to completion.

Another good interview on Chris Oatley’s YouTube channel is hisĀ “Interview with Character Designer Brett ‘2D Bean'”.

On that note, I have a request. I’m trying to find where I need to focus on this project to push it further along, so I made up a little poll. If you would please provide some feedback, I’d appreciate it greatly!

Thank you for your feedback!