Starting Rotoscoping

Due to how immensely busy I am going to be this semester, I’m going to try to make all my classes fit together with each other toward a common concept and portfolio work. Namely, I’m going to be focusing on more work for he Spider Forest and working on my crystal studies some more.

Okay, so I’m going to use the assignments from Animation for movement studies of humanoid figures that will tie into the animatic work for Concept/Storyboarding and I’ll use the storyboard animatics as roughs for my Digital Media class (which surprisingly enough has an animation focus this semester). Figure Drawing will be focusing on “metamorphosis” of the human figure into plant/insect/mineral creatures and how to properly fit a figure into a constructed scene (read “forest” or “cave”). This will act as studies to be used for Concept/Storyboarding where I will go back and improve my crystal golem and then make a treant to go in my forest for the two elemental assignments. Printmaking will be a focus on plant/crystal/and insect studies to be used for all of the above.

Ta-da! I did magic!

Okay, FIRST POST for this Digital Media class that outlines the prompt for the first project. We will be covering rotoscoping. This is what I’ve worked out, so far, loosely.

Let’s put this into the perspective of the big picture. I’m using this class as a way to accomplish more for my Spider Forest. I’m expanding the scope of my forest project to include some short animations and possibly figure out a much larger final product. This rotoscope will probably be a rough draft that I will go back and edit the frames of later to create a more complete animation.

A newer development is tying it together the different elements of this forest through exploration. The plan is to have the viewer follow a wanderer around as he discovers this forest and the different places/creatures/plant life within.

Another newer aspect is incorporating a crystal cave system deeper in. I’ve been working on and off with the idea of crystal golems for the past year. I decided to add it into my forest and show how the lush forest transforms into a crystalized system of caves at the base of some plateaus.

This rotoscope project is going to be some establishing shots showing the personality of this Wanderer and his initial experiences upon discovering and entering the forest. Here’s my reference video for the first scene:


Well, Crap.

I’m not allowed to use my established blog and have to make a new one. Sometimes I really dislike Art Dept professor’s policies.

At any rate, I’ll be posting copies of those posts and regular links, but there won’t be a change in format here.

Well, that makes it easier.

According to the syllabus for my Intermediate Digital Media course, we will be keeping our sketchbooks via WordPress! Yay, simplicity! So, I’ll be making a separate section specifically for that class to keep things organized.

Other works will of course be included. I intend to have all my work from the semester tie into each other and into my current personal projects. Might as well utilize my time as best I can by consolidating my focus, right?

So, this weekend, I’ll be posting up a game plan for it all.

Oh, and sketchbook pages will only be limited to Patreon for non-class related sketches (anything that doesn’t tie into my Digital Media class) for obvious reasons.

Looking forward to starting on projects! See you later this week!

The Chaos Consumes All

It’s been weeks since I’ve posted an update, I know. The week after finals, I got hired on for TWO day jobs that I’d applied for and I’ve been working six days a week for orientation and training. Then I got a sinus infection.

At any rate, I’m still sick, but training is almost over, so I’ll have a small bit of extra time right before school starts to post another Spider update or two!

Also, all five (yes, FIVE) of my classes are content creation classes, so I should have quite a bit to post this semester!

Thank you all for your patience!