Golem Progress!


I have been working on the texture for the body and blocking out the rock groupings! Still figuring out the arms and the head is in a different file (don’t ask me how that happened. I don’t really know…).


I made a shirt design!

It’s not going into production, so don’t get too excited.

But, yes. A friend of mine makes his little cousin custom shirts for his birthday and was showing me a few Pokemon designs he was deciding between. It inspired me to make a quick Venusaur design, so I made three variations in about 30 minutes.

Pokemon and all subsequent characters and creatures belong to The Pokemon Company (Joint investment of Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures).

It’s been a while.

School. Need I say more? I’m so busy working on projects that I can’t really work on projects.

We’re finally starting a project that I’ve been looking forward to all semester, though. The Elemental project in my Concept Design and Storyboarding class. The earth element crystal golem I’m designing is going to be one of many crystal golems that are being added to the Spider Project!

So, for the scope of this class, I’m creating a front and side orthographic (extra credit opportunity for doing a high definition rendering of the head in orthographic views), a narrative digital painting of the elemental in its environment, and then a gray scale storyboard of the elemental that includes the scene from the narrative drawing. The deadline for all of this is May 20th, but I’m going to try to kick out as many of these as I can as fast as I can and turn them in as I go. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Major progress can be viewed here,  on my ArtStation!

So far, I have a couple steps of the work up; the thumbnails with silhouettes I was deciding between and progress on the one that caught my attention.


As far as references for crystals and stones are concerned, @dusted77 and @kelleye_ on Instagram are two of my favorite accounts to follow. The way they display crystals in a specific lighting is very useful for understanding how both the surface and reflectivity look on a semitransparent object.

So, yes. That’s where I’ve been with projects right now. Hoping to do more regular updates to the blog, as well as the ArtStation project page!