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I made a shirt design!

It’s not going into production, so don’t get too excited.

But, yes. A friend of mine makes his little cousin custom shirts for his birthday and was showing me a few Pokemon designs he was deciding between. It inspired me to make a quick Venusaur design, so I made three variations in about 30 minutes.

Pokemon and all subsequent characters and creatures belong to The Pokemon Company (Joint investment of Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures).


10 thoughts on “I made a shirt design!

  1. I’m not much of a Venusaur fan. I’d love you to design a Bulbasaur screen print/transfer thingy for me, though. Nice work…for 30 minutes?! That seems fast, even if the images are simplified. You knew what you were doing and went right to work without a thumbnail sketch, I guess.


    • Thanks for the complement! I used a reference, which saved time. I’ve been practicing with this style for a few months, so that helped as well.

      As for the Bulbasaur design, we may be able to work something out. Send me a PM.


      • What sort of reference? Yes, I suppose months of practicing one technique/style would get you in the swing of things. It’s different when you switch up styles or project types…as I often do. I haven’t done any serious artwork in a while…probably since 2013. But, I tend to bounce from medium to medium and project to project monthly–if not weekly–if I don’t have a serious commitment or commission to something.


      • So, what, nude people? Clothed models? Living plants not in a photographed setting?

        That’s a lot to juggle. Your brain has to work a bit differently, switching from hand drawing to PC drawing.


      • Nude and clothed models for the life drawing. Plants and scenery drawn from observation, not photography.
        It was challenging, especially in the days of the week where I started with digital painting, then had traditional media figure drawing, and then did digital animation at night.


    • That is the main difference, but there is also the difference between the brown base and where it’s been changed to green.

      As for the “legalese”, I’m covering my bases. Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have been coming down pretty hard lately on fan artists and this blog may be monetized in the future.


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