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Some digital paintings printed!


The final product of my Sunrise Bird! So sweet looking.


A very angry Crystal Golem looking over the Wanderer’s shoulder.


The start of the Golem Cave network.

2 thoughts on “Some digital paintings printed!

  1. *supresses loud squees*
    Beautiful little bird! And loving the background choice 😀
    The Wanderer looks as if he just received an unexpected “naked bits” text >.> Curious about their story now, will there be more?

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    • I’m glad you like the bird! And I hadn’t heard that idea of what he could have found. XD I’m thinking of changing the blue to something else because people keep associating it differently.
      Yes, there will be plenty more! All of these tie in with my Spider Forest project I was working on last fall. In about a week, when school ends, I’ll have more time to work on the concept and the story. 🙂

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