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Best. Final. Ever.


So, my very last final as an undergrad was to take a selfie and turn myself into a World of Warcraft character. I think this is the most fitting end to my college career I could have asked for.

3 thoughts on “Best. Final. Ever.

  1. This image could work for a Mortal Kombat character profile, too. It reminds me of that human guy with the baseball cap and police weapons or one of the ninja looking ready to unleash something from their hands.


    • I’m not super familiar with Mortal Kombat, but I do like the art style.

      This is a photo bash based on my mage character from World of Warcraft, so that’s why it looks like I’m about to “unleash” something.


      • I am not a big MK fan myself, but, like you, I like some of the artwork for the profile pics. I particularly like Katana, Li Mei, the classic/original Sub Zero/Scorpion ninja types and Kenshi.

        I would never have guessed that was a mage, but I am not so versed in WoW, either. I know far more about MK. 😛 I suppose many breeds have magical powers in WoW, not just elves or human wizards.


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