All Over the Place

I’ve been doing a lot of different things, lately, and that has been making me very busy. So busy, in fact, that I’ve been forgetting to post here (for shame, Katie).

I did recently post something I’m excited about on my Sketchbook blog for my Digital Media class. My rotoscope is going super slow, but the GIF of the first handful of frames is looking really nice! Take a look:


It’s not looking TOO badly, but I’m definitely going to go back in and work the background better later on.

And, with that, I need to run to class. I’ll try to post more, now that I have weekends off.

Well, Crap.

I’m not allowed to use my established blog and have to make a new one. Sometimes I really dislike Art Dept professor’s policies.

At any rate, I’ll be posting copies of those posts and regular links, but there won’t be a change in format here.

Well, that makes it easier.

According to the syllabus for my Intermediate Digital Media course, we will be keeping our sketchbooks via WordPress! Yay, simplicity! So, I’ll be making a separate section specifically for that class to keep things organized.

Other works will of course be included. I intend to have all my work from the semester tie into each other and into my current personal projects. Might as well utilize my time as best I can by consolidating my focus, right?

So, this weekend, I’ll be posting up a game plan for it all.

Oh, and sketchbook pages will only be limited to Patreon for non-class related sketches (anything that doesn’t tie into my Digital Media class) for obvious reasons.

Looking forward to starting on projects! See you later this week!