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Witchtober: Seasonal Witch

Witchtober Day 1! #31witches #inktober

WitchTober in Ink

Announcing my participation in #inktober and #31Witches!

WIPW 8/24/16

#WIPW - working on some character design!


​Today I'll be recording as a guest star on The Humble Fumble podcast! Please go check them out! I'll be posting updates for when my appearances are published here and on Twitter. Info linked in this Tweet:

Just a fun little tidbit; yesterday marked one full year of blogging on WordPress! Starting as a student art blog for a semester concept design project, this place has become part of how I share my art. Thank you to... Continue Reading →


With my laptop out of commission, I got antsy and set up my old PC. It took several hours to get it all set up and up-to-date, but it's a good temporary fix. I've been going through some personal struggles... Continue Reading →

Shirts for Laptop Repair

​Happy #sps! For this Self-Promotion Sunday, I'm presenting my #shirtdesign again! I am currently raising funds to repair my broken laptop so that I can do more #digitalpainting for more shirts and #art in general. Please go check out the... Continue Reading →

Screenshot Saturday 7/30/16

Working on a new character design. So far, I've only got the basic face worked out. Still deciding on hairstyle and everything else.

Little Mareep Sketch

A little Pokémon sketch.

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