Shirts for Laptop Repair

​Happy #sps! For this Self-Promotion Sunday, I’m presenting my #shirtdesign again! I am currently raising funds to repair my broken laptop so that I can do more #digitalpainting for more shirts and #art in general. Please go check out the design at my shop!

#SPS 7/10/16

Happy ‪#‎SPS‬! I have a tee shirt design going on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 am PST! The shirt will be on sale for $14 for the first 72 hours!


New Things

Last week on Friday,  I finished up the Figure Sketch Pack posts with an extra large post that is available to all, patron or no!

Now, it is time to start anew. I would like to continue to reward and encourage would-be patrons by offering specialized content on my Patreon, but I would like to share my projects with everyone else as well.

Now, starting this week, I will post new content to Patreon first on Thursdays! The following Monday, I will make that same content available to everyone and announce it here, on my blog!

I would also encourage people to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (links on the “About Katie” page) for special posts, such as #SPS/Self-Promotion Sunday and #WIPW/Work-in-Progress Wednesday.

Looking forward to sharing new things with you all! See you soon!

Self-Promotion Sunday 6/26

Happy ‪#‎SPS‬! I’m on my last week of posting Figure Sketch Packs for my Patreon page! Only three packs left – Monday, Wednesday, and a special one on Friday! After that, I’m going to start a new post schedule for my new projects.

Also, I may not be able to post to Instagram for a little while as my phone broke yesterday.

SPS 5/29/16!

Self-Promotion Sunday! Thumbnails of my current work!
I’ll be posting patrons-only posts of my figure drawings to Patreon over the course of the next several weeks!
Become a patron and see my other works before anyone else!

SPS #2

As well as trying out WIP Wednesday, I’m also dipping my toes into Self-Promotion Sunday on a few forums. After the semester ends, this might become my regular post day. Yet to be decided.


The Spider Forest project has been moving along quite nicely and I have a decently solid direction I plan to move in!

Those subscribed to my Patreon ( have access to completed works at least one day before everyone else, plus those pledging $5 or more already have exclusive access to seven pages of my sketchbook (more to come, soon)!

For everyone else, my work is posted to this blog ( and then posts are linked on my:

Please follow, like, and subscribe to see what I’ll be working on next!