More “Swamp Vintage” at 6!

Continuing from last week’s theme of “swamp vintage”, I’ll be changing things up to get a better drawing out.
Also, quick update, weekly patrons-only WIP posts will be starting up on Saturdays! To see weekly WIPs posts, all you have to do is become a $1+ patron on my Patreon!
I am also working on plans to post to this blog more often, now that I’m drawing again. Updates are in the works and a new post schedule should be starting up next week.

Getting back in the swing of things.

Hello, all! It’s been a while. Life got the better of me these past few months with a lot of changes for better or… less so.

Good news is I’m planning a WIPW post and getting that all set up! More good news is that I have some new tools to use!

I’m going to try to revamp this whole account and get things rolling again. Changes may be sudden and not always the best idea, but I’m going to try to roll with it.

Also, I have a big portfolio update coming soon, so that is definitely something to look forward to!

I’ll see you all tomorrow!


Just a fun little tidbit; yesterday marked one full year of blogging on WordPress! Starting as a student art blog for a semester concept design project, this place has become part of how I share my art. Thank you to everyone who has viewed, liked, commented on, and shared my work! Hoping for another good year!

More to Come!

Here’s the latest post from my Patreon page, so if you’ve been waiting for updates, you’re in for a treat!

Last Friday, May 20th, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio!

Now that I have graduated, I have more time to post art, and I have some serious catching up to do! I have at least 35 figure drawings that I haven’t had the chance to share and innumerable sketchbook pages.

In the coming weeks, as a special treat, I’m going to get this Patreon page all caught up! I’ll be posting quite often (an exact schedule will be posted this week), and much more regularly afterwards. Some posts will be public, some will be patrons-only, some will be for specific price-points as already established. All the details will be available soon, so check back!